How do we work?

Welcome to MEM teams

You can become a part of one of our 3 types of teams, feel free to apply and start your journey of experience.

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MEM departments and

Members of departments

Members of the assembly

are people who form a strategy and vision, who with each decision open up new horizons for the development and expansion of MEM.
Lia Hakobyan

The board members

are dedicated and experienced people who support and monitor the executive body on the way to achieving the goals of the MEM.
Lia Hakobyan

The executive team

implements the developed strategy in its daily activities.
Narek Khachatryan
Assistant to the NGO president

Directors of departments

in the MEM are those responsible for these areas and deputy directors.
Arevik Balasanyan
Director of Education Department

Directors' assistants

assist the coordinators by serving operational tasks.
Mariam Voskanyan
IT team director's assistant